Customer Success

Kick back, and let us drive your revenue growth


The Customer Success Team

Our ragtag crew of digital marketing specialists are the beating heart of Greenlight Power. Harnessing the latest technologies and techniques to unearth new data insights and deliver unrivalled revenue growth, our crack team of professionals combine industry expertise and experience to ensure success for all of our customers.

Our team consists of experts spanning many disciplines, including:

Paid Media

The paid media team consists of an in-house group of specialist marketing analysts who are responsible for utilising all aspects of online advertising to convert traffic, boost brand strength and drive revenue to achieve optimum results.

Content and Merchandising

The content and merchandising team structures product data, develops original product descriptions, provides content strategy and manages localisation for clients. Through enhancing the visibility and desirability of our clients’ products by merchandising, cataloguing and categorising product sets, we help maximise sales.

Photo and Video Production

Our photo and video production team further increase sales and brand awareness by creating original rich content and media. Including photography, imaging and client product videos. Across the team there is extensive experience of strategic thinking, art direction, design, copywriting, video and image editing for web

Search Engine Optimisation

The SEO team maximises the revenue opportunities from search engines. By analysing consumer behaviour – and listening carefully to clients’ inside knowledge – we create powerful and innovative non-paid search strategies; designed specifically to fit each individual client’s marketing ambitions.

Optimisation & Front-End Development

The optimisation & front-end development team comprises of web and data analysts, front-end developers and user experience consultants, who utilise every piece of available data and turn them into actionable insights.

Email Marketing

The email marketing team is charged with conceptualising, developing, and deploying targeted email campaigns across our client portfolio. These specialists combines elements of design, copywriting and data analytics to ensure brand visibility and measurable results.