Meet the team

Great work starts with great people. Say 'Hi' to our management team

Our Leaders

Andy Muldoon

Managing Director

Our illustrious leader Andy is the Managing Director of Greenlight Power. He brings a breadth and depth of experience across eCommerce and digital marketing, including sales, marketing, operations, and consulting. He’s also a massive fan of ‘The Sound of Music’.

Stefan Carrington

Head of Customer Success

Stefan is the head of Customer Success at Greenlight Power, and is in charge of generating revenue growth for our customers through our customer success team. As well as being our go-to expert on all things Swedish, Stefan is also a talented classical pianist!

Pierre Erfan

Head of Account Management

Pierre is the head of our account management team at Greenlight Power and is responsible for building and maintaining our client relationships. Not content with consuming from normal drinking vessels, Pierre is a collector of comically oversized mugs.

Our Senior Management

Helen Liggat

Head of Content and Merchandising

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Helen leads our content & merchandising team, providing content strategy, creating original content, merchandising, and managing localisation for clients. Little known fact: Helen is an accomplished thespian and has millions of views on YouTube.

Bhavnisha Lad

Head of Product

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Bhavnisha is our Head of Product, and is responsible for the product roadmap and ensuring the architectural vision and technical strategy for the platform is realised. Outside of work, Bhav is a keen illustrator, and aspiring Bollywood actress.

Amal Gul

Head of Solution Engineering

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Amal is our head of solution engineering at Greenlight Power. Her responsibilities include first line sales support, product demonstrations, and investigating opportunities for new and existing clients. A complete baking aficionado, Amal’s signature dish is the Ferrero Rocher Pie.

Gabe Sosa

Production Director

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Gabe heads up the photo and video production team at Greenlight Power, and is responsible for delivering high-quality imagery, video and rich media content to our clients. Often found with clapper-board in hand, Gabe also possesses the rather unnerving ability to rotate his feet 180°.

Richard Luko

Lead Architect

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Richard is the lead architect here at Greenlight Power, and is responsible for the platform functionality and implementation as well providing help and support to the engineering team. Seemingly unable to tune out of the matrix, Richard likes to even think in 0’s and 1’s.