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If you call vacuum cleaners “hoovers”, it’s all thanks to the Hoover Company. The Hoover Company is an American vacuum cleaner company that dominated the electric vacuum cleaner market in Europe during the early 20th century, and the term “hoover” soon became – and remains – synonymous with vacuum cleaners and vacuuming.

The Hoover Company started life in 1907 as an inventor named Murray Spangler sought a solution to a common problem and created what he called a “suction sweeper” that pulled dust away from the air when used. He shared the product with his friend Susan Hoover, who enthused about it to her husband William H. Hoover, who then partnered with Spangler to market and manufacture the product.

Thanks to continuous development and innovations, Hoover grew rapidly into a worldwide company regarded as a leader in the floor-care market. Hoover – which is now part of the portfolio of brands owned by Candy Group – is also one of the major retailers of white goods and domestic appliances.

Greenlight’s relationship with Hoover started in 2013, and we now take care of their Hoover Candy Group Baumatic site. We currently manage their SEO, Paid Media and Analytics, and offer them guidance in a wide variety of Online Marketing campaigns and ideas. A complete fully mobile-responsive redesign of their website in October 2016 has so far resulted in an unparalleled level of growth for the company.

Illustration by Ian Oh

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